Senior Software Engineer in Gurugram at Stryker Corporation

发布日期: 1/25/2020


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"A software design engineering position in the R&D department with primary responsibilities to design, develop and maintain application software for a suite of next generation mobile-based hospital operating room safety and efficiency software applications. The engineer works closely with peers in software engineering, software quality assurance and project and product management to develop software that meets customer and system requirements. Following defined design practices and the use of sound software engineering principles, the engineer ensures that the application software products are safe, robust and user friendly.
  • Works as part of a team using established company procedures for Agile Software Development.
  • Maintains existing code and develops new code in C#, Java, JavaScript and more (includes design spec, design, integration, code review, unit test, integration test, issue resolution, verification and validation…)
  • Follows the company’s standards for code development and quality process and complies with quality management system procedures
  • Participates in software planning and estimating activities on a macro (e.g. block diagram from project start to finish) up to a micro level (task level on a day by day basis for the sprints)
  • Identifies root causes of issues, determines potential solutions, and evaluates them against requirements
  • Ensures the integrity and security of patient health information, company intellectual property, and confidential data
  • Responsible for achieving time-to-market objectives, and meeting product and project cost targets while achieving product quality goals
Works closely and collaboratively with other members of the development team (includes collaborating on the overall SW architecture and deployment plan) in a fast-paced team environment,
  • B.Tech in computer science, computer engineering, or related engineering curriculum.
  • At least 5 years of industry experience in professional software development within the capacity of a full stack developer
  • Required Basic Technical Competencies: Object oriented design and analysis; Software design, development and verification methodologies; Principles of computer architecture, operating systems and computer networking; Use of software development tools such as programming editors, debuggers, source code control, defect management
  • Experienced with one or more modern web application frameworks/stacks (.NET Core, Flask, Play, MEAN, etc)
  • Experienced writing unit/integration tests
  • Experienced with hosting applications in the cloud (Microsoft Azure)
  • Experienced with modern tools to develop software in an agile and efficient manner (e.g. git, Jenkins, SCRUM/Agile tools, etc.)
  • Experienced with Microsoft SQL Server, MySql, PostgreSQL or other database technology at scale.
  • Demonstrated written communication skills

Work From Home: No

Travel Percentage: None