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An engineer, specialist with technical or commercial training, sales representative or manager with an academic background, student at a vocational training academy, trainee or apprentice—whoever you are, you will find a wide variety of entry and development opportunities on our team. While our roles might be different, customers and patients are at the heart of everything we do.

Experienced professionals Your next logical step

An international work environment with diverse development opportunities, rapid career growth, training support and further education programs—from sales and marketing to development and production, Stryker offers a wide range of possibilities. All coupled with regular feedback sessions and flextime models that fit your life.

Professional worker man wearing a suite

Graduates Grow with us

Are you a recent graduate interested in growing your career with a winning team? Join us and see innovative ideas come to life, be supported with training and further education opportunities. It’s the ideal environment to develop your strengths and talents.

Students Explore the possibilities

Are you ready to discover life beyond university? Start with us. Stryker offers a range of internships to choose from, all giving you insights into our culture, cutting edge developments and product solutions. Finally, we will also work together on an exciting project for the final topic of your thesis.

Current available internships:

  • Medical technology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Computer science

Dual study Best of both worlds

We believe you should have options—dual training at Stryker gives you that. You’ll have the freedom to explore different departments during the first semester and only decide after that where to focus on based on your experience and interests.

Professional worker man wearing a suite

Current apprenticeship Germany offerings (all m/f):

  • Industrial mechanic
  • Manufacturing mechanic
  • Tool mechanic technology
  • IT businessman
  • IT specialist for system integration
  • Mechatronic engineer
  • Industrial clerk
  • Industrial clerk with ZQ

Current apprenticeship Switzerland offerings (all m/f):

  • Multi-disciplined mechanic
  • Production mechanic
  • Industrial clerk

Trainee Hands on experience

Have you successfully completed school and are you keen to put your skills to practical use? Join us to enjoy training workshops at our innovative development and production sites, support in your daily work and to partner a collaborative and determined team.

Our application process

Stryker's selection and hiring process is unique as our goal is getting to know you, your experience, education, skills, professional desires and individual strengths. For more on our application process, check out our careers blog

Stryker in Germany

Duisburg Strategically located

Duisburg is well connected to Essen, Dusseldorf, Cologne and a mere 30 minute drive to our logistics hub in Venlo.

Did you know?

Our Duisburg office is home to over 350 employees.


At a glance:

  • Marketing and sales focussed
  • Training and further education centered
  • European Shared Service Centre
  • Administrative hub for Austria, Switzerland and Poland

Check out our current job openings here: Duisburg jobs

Freiburg / Stetten

Freiburg / Stetten Work and play

Freiburg is often described as a place more suited for holidays than work. And in some aspects this rings true—with a population of 200,000, its proximity to the Black Forest, as well as its shopping facilities and cuisine, Freiburg offers a quality of life that is hard to beat.

Did you know?

  • Our Freiburg/Stetten office is home to more than 750 employees.
  • We produce more than 5 million of the smallest bone screws and over 70,000 surgical instruments annually

At a glance:

  • We are an innovation hub with engineers from all fields on our team—from industrial to software and production.
  • Freiburg, Germany is home to one of Stryker’s research & development and production facilities.

Our benefits

  • Standing Desks:
    Change the height of your desk and alternate between sitting and standing to ensure a healthy work environment.
  • Commuting to work:
    We offer an easy access parking lot complete with covered bike parking and e-car docking stations. Or even better, ride our Stryker tram into work.
  • Grants for daycare expenses:
    For peace of mind, we offer grants for daycare and kindergarten expenses. Our new Innovation Center also features a parent-child room—a combination of work space and playground so parents can bring their kids to work as needed.
  • On-site sports ground:
    Our on-site sports offerings include areas for soccer, basketball, volleyball, and table tennis. True to our competitive spirit, we also have several sports teams.
  • Fresh organic fruit:
    Grab some fresh, local, organic fruit to start your day off right! Completely on us.

Check out our current job openings and apply now to join our Freiburg/Stetten team: Freiburg jobs

Tuttlingen The world center of medical technology

A medical technology hub, Tuttlingen is both picturesque and cutting edge.


Did you know?

Styker’s Tuttlingen office is home to more than 200 employees.

Our benefits

  • Hansefit: We partner with Hansefit who with their partners throughout Germany offers company fitness and health promotions like fitness studios, gyms and swimming and thermal baths.
  • Job Bike: Benefit from the first tax-saving model for bicycles and e-bikes which enables every employee to purchase his or her dream bike at a significant savings via a monthly plan.
  • Flexible working hours: Plan your own workday. Work with your manager to map out a flex work schedule or work from your home office, role permitting. Plus enjoy being compensated for overtime with free time.
  • Catering: Start your day with freshly baked goodies then indulge in a daily choice of three different hot meals plus a range of sandwiches, soups and salads. We contribute € 1,- per day towards your meal. Hot drinks and water are always free.
  • Employee events: In appreciation of your commitment, we regularly organize barbecues, parties and quarterly events where employees are updated on all things Stryker.

Check out our current job openings and apply now to join our Tuttlingen team: Tuttlingen jobs


Kiel City at the end of the fjord

While rooted in tradition, our Stryker site in Kiel is paving the way forward with talent and innovation.

Did you know?

Our Kiel office is home to more than 660 employees.
A nail manufactured in our Kiel site is implanted every 90 seconds worldwide.

At a glance:

  • Production and R&D hub.

Our benefits

  • Digital employee guidance (Talingo): Since January 2020, Talingo EAP has been available at no cost to Stryker employees in Kiel.
  • Recognition of special achievements: Our coveted internal 'Extra Mile' award is presented to employees in the production area—who have literally made extra miles.
  • Flex working environment: Plan your own workday. Work with your manager to map out a flex work schedule or work from your home office, role permitting.
  • Tariff remuneration: Incl. tariff and shift allowances.
  • Non-tariff remuneration: Holiday and Christmas bonuses.

Check out our current job openings and apply now to join our team in Kiel: Kiel jobs

Stryker in Switzerland

Selzach A picture perfect setting

Our office in Selzach is located amidst rolling green hills, scenic alpine routes and endless summit trails. All 10 minutes away from Solothurn, one of the most beautiful towns in the country.

Did you know?

Our Salzburg office is home to more than 600 employees.


At a glance:

  • We are a trauma and extremities hub with functions in manufacturing, logistics, purchasing, strategy sourcing, IT, HR, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, R&D, controlling and sales and marketing.

Check out our current job openings and apply now to join our team in Salzburg: Selzach jobs

Read more about life at Stryker on our careers blog: https://www.strykercareersblog.com/

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